Taking Stock

It’s been a little over a year since I’ve started my blog. Today was my first day to actually sit and relax in a long time. There are a few reasons for this: 1. We had a Weather Make-Up Day, so there was no school. 2. I finally had time to deep clean my house in about a month. 3. ALL the laundry is done. It’s the last reason that has lead me to this place of contemplation.

My closet is still jam packed. There could be reasons for this (a.k.a these are the reasons the little voice inside my head gives): it’s winter and the clothes take up more space, you’ve rearranged/added some hanging storage to clear out drawers (both reasonable), the clothes are mating and therefore duplicating, and somehow “bad clothes” have snuck into my closet (which are untrue and unreasonable).

The blog has brought me mixed feelings – those of success and those that are less fun. This past year, although I have not gone to minimalist capsule size, I have purchased only clothes that I felt were ethically or sustainably made. Many of which were from female-owned and operated companies and/or were made by women earning fair-wages at home and abroad. The blog has brought on anxiety because I wasn’t posting enough content or the content wasn’t “good enough” or I was not possibly educated or experienced enough to tell anyone anything about sustainable and ethical fashion. So I just stopped. In order to continue I needed some hygge and positive self-talk on my end AND I needed to create attainable goals for myself.

I started the blog to document my journey and help others start/continue theirs. At no point did I promise to be perfect, or the end all be all of knowledge. That will be my reminder to stop being so hard on myself all the time. My goal is to post at least monthly. That post will come on a Sunday, probably in the evening. It will be about sustainable and ethical fashion (or maybe beauty or even lifestyle -we’ll see). It might spotlight pieces I’ve grown to love, brands I’ve discovered/am discovering, resources on the topic, and maybe other things. I hope you’ll stick with me, or join me, as I learn and grow.

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