Spring 2018 Trends

I keep coming across the Spring 2018 trends. Fashion week always makes me weak in the knees, but a lot of the offerings don’t really trickle down well – here’s looking at you, clear plastic dresses! However, there are overarching themes in pattern or style that always emerge and CAN be flexed into the wardrobe of your average, every day teacher.

I have been searching high and low for a simple breakdown of what I can expect to see/what I want to try to add to my closet. Since I have recently cleansed my closet cleansed my closet and then broke out my spring/summer storage (click the links for video proof and a good chuckle), I am trying to let only a few pieces into my closet. That being said, I found this article via The Today Show, which highlights the top 5 trends of spring 2018 as polka dots, pastels, fringe, asymmetry, and checks.

Then I had an idea. An awful idea. I had a wonderful, awful idea. Why not make this a challenge? Which leads me to right now, where I metaphorically hold in my hands, closet-found and thrifted 2018 spring trend pieces. Pix below for your viewing pleasure.

Polka Dots

Found at Value Village for $7.99


Found at Value Village for $7.99


Found at Plato’s Closet $10


Found at Plato’s Closet for $8


Found in my closet

Total : $34


Not too shabby for $40 and a thrift-venture.

As I sat down to my new items I thought Man, I hope I wear this stuff. Then another idea – Trend-a-Day Challenge! So here goes Round Two: Styling. Check out my Instagram next week to see each style in action!

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