Another 20 Bite the Dust

After looking at the analytics from Cladwell, I decided that some of the clutter had to go. And this is how I spent my weekend. Now my closet is quite empty and I feel, refreshed. I woke up easier this morning than I have as of late.

My goal was to eliminate 20 pieces from my closet and I ended up eliminating about 26 items. The total amount of my closet that I was wearing was only about 40% of the actual contents. The true amount of unworn garments was closer to about 50, mostly being shoes and dresses. Some of which I decided to keep in my closet in the hopes that spring will be coming soon!

If you are interested in seeing which items made the cut, and which got the boot (get it?!) I made a vlog which I am hoping to get up onto my YouTube channel tonight. Just search “That Vegan Teacher” and you will find my nascent channel. I was having a bit of a downloading problem last night so here’s to hoping that by 8pm Pacific, a new video will be up! Here’s the thumbnail:

If you find my weirdness delightfully entertaining, please check out my other videos and let me know how I am doing. I am a total newbie to blogging, vlogging, et cetera.

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