2 Month – Cladwell Update

After two(ish) months, I have discovered some new features and I have decided that I need to do another (albeit mini) closet clean out. More details about that coming later. First! New discoveries within the Cladwell App.

Updating Outfits

Someone asked me how exactly to update outfits, so here is the step-by-step with pictures.

Here is one of my Cladwell-chosen outfits for today. On Fridays I take full advantage of being a teacher and I usually wear jeans and my school hoodie. Nothing even remotely exciting, but I will usually log it any way.

Once I open the app it loads my three outfit suggestions for the day. Then, if I take a look and see nothing promising I can get into an outfit by tapping the three dots in the lower right corner of the outfit picture.

Then I choose “Edit Outfit” and this screen comes up.

By clicking the circle with the two arrows, my closet contents are brought up and I can choose from those. They are typically split into “Cladwell Recommendations” and then an “Everything Else” section. I find that I am often choosing from the latter section.

You can do this for each garment, which is typical for me, BUT(!) be sure to edit an outfit that has the same number of pieces you want to log! I found this out the hard way when trying to log a dress and leggings. It took like 10 minutes to figure out how to log it.


Outfit based on a specific garment

I am often updating outfits within the app, but lately it is more so that I am looking into the closet and spot something that I want to wear but I am not sure of the whole look. This is exactly where my lost time begins in the morning. I know that I want to wear a particular top but have no idea if I should put on pants, jeans, a skirt. So I will pull out and try-on everything that I think might work until I find a winner. Which typically ends in a large portion of my closet now residing on my bed because I don’t have time to hang it all back up before I need to leave, equaling lost time and a mess to clean up later. Yipee. So! In order to streamline this/get ideas before tearing my closet apart, I discovered this neat option.

When I go to my closet I can click on a garment, say the Flannel Button Up.

And then I can scroll through outfits that Cladwell recommends together. I have only tapped into this a few times, but I am hoping to do it more often.

Little Red Dots

These are going to be my “red flags” of things that I have not worn since getting the app. *Note: this is why logging outfits is necessary.* By identifying these, I can narrow down where I need to replace or recycle pieces.

These dots appear when I look into the “Closet” portion of my app.

The dots are telling me that these items have not yet been logged. This tells me two things:

  1. It is winter (dresses aren’t being worn)
  2. I have a whole bunch of stuff that I am not wearing, that should probably be recycled.

I am not looking forward to this cleanse…



**NOTE: I am not affiliated with nor do I represent Cladwell. I pay for the app just like everyone else and I am simply using it as a tool to assist in my closet cleanse.**

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