Wants List – February

A day late and a dollar short. Story of my life. But! Here’s my favorite topic to post about. Things that I want. My mom has told me that as a child every television commercial was paired with an, “I want that!” escaping my lips. Well, not much has changed. I am very U.S. in my deep connection to consumerism, but I am trying my best. These items have been selected for specific purposes this month (unlike last month) and I am hoping to keep this up as well as minimize the “Add” pieces.

Replace: my Chelsea Boots

Wills Vegan Shoes – Chelsea Boots Black $114

I still want these, but (!) two things have been stopping me. Numero uno: Based on the February spent amount, these are already over that budget. Numero dos: They have to come from London. Spring is almost upon us (or at least it feels that way where I am) and the chipping time paired with rising temperatures makes me wary of having the time to actually break these bad boys in. Thoughts?

Replace: my Converse

Etiko – Organic Fairtrade Sneakers Lowcuts All White (Limited Edition) $75

So. I love my converse, but apparently they aren’t vegan because shoe glue has animal products in it. (Gross) But I read an article on Good On You that gives alternatives to some of the favorite mainstream brands. Here is where I came across Etiko, which is an Australian company. So I am interested in flexing these guys into the wardrobe as well. However, I am super confused by the sizing because I have zero experience with UK shoe sizing. I think I am a UK12? But really, I have no idea.


  • soles made from sustainable latex and certified by the FSC
  • laces made with cotton which has been certified both organic (GOTS) and fairtrade (FLO)
  • dyes are PCP and AZO free

About the Brand: (etiko – Impact) On this page there are a whole bunch of info graphics about the brand, their materials, and their manufacturing.

Add: Levi’s – Overalls $70

I am obsessed with overalls thanks to Instagram. I feel like everyone has them but me and I really REALLY want some. Bonus: As a teacher, all those pockets could come in handy…


  • 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane (Stretch Denim)
  • Adjustable suspenders
  • 2 metal shank buttons at each side
  • seam5-pocket styling
  • Bib pocket at chest

About the Brand: (Levi’s – Sustainability) There are a bunch of links to follow on the website’s sustainability tab including a new initiative to use less water within their manufacturing as well as a Worker Well-Being Initiative. Wow yowza. For a big name brand to be making strides toward these changes is awesome.

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