Krochet Kids – The Women Who Made My Dresses

In today’s society, where immediacy is the norm, we don’t seem to slow down enough to really understand where things come from and who makes them. Whether it be that pre-packaged meal or that new white tee, things just seem to magically appear when money enters the equation. What Known Supply is doing is injecting the humanity factor, which couldn’t be more necessary or relevant right now.

Krochet Kids is part of Known Supply, so if you go to the Meet the Makers tab on their website you can see who actually made your clothes. This tab on Krochet Kids’ site will then direct you to this link. And if you scroll down, you can type in the name(s) of the person who made your clothing! So I decided it was time to meet my makers.

Bailey by Lesly

The woman who made my Bailey Dress is named Lesly Castillo. She is currently making enough money to save in the hopes of going back to school. Check out Lesly’s story here.


Yuma by Juana

The woman who made my Yuma dress is named Juana Sanchez. The impact of working for Known Supply has given her independence and she is hoping to one day start a local knitting shop in her city. Juana’s story can be found here.


Also, on each “Maker’s Page” you can leave a thank you for your maker. I have no gotten the chance to actually wear either of these dresses, as the weather decided to head back toward winter where I am. However, as soon as the opportunity arises, I will be taking my dresses for a spin and writing my thank you.

If you are interested to know more, please check out Krochet Kids and Known Supply to see the strides they are making in the fashion industry!

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