February Haul – Krochet Kids & PACT Apparel

Last week I got two shipments from orders that I placed at the beginning of the month from Krochet Kids and PACT Apparel. If you would like to see what these pieces look like on a human person (me) you can find a try-on video here.

Krochet Kids

As of this moment, they are having a KILLER sale on many of their dresses over at Krochet Kids website . My purchases are below:

Bailey Dress – $15 (sale)

button down dress

Yuma Dress – $25 (sale)


5 Sticker Pack – $5




PACT Apparel

Note: If you sign up for the mailing list, you get a first time order of 30% off! Plus, I believe, it is free shipping with a purchase over $50. My picks are below:

Wrap Dress – $40

wrap dress

Racerback  Tank – $15

racerback tank

Leggings – $30


BONUS – If you want 20% off your PACT Apparel purchase, feel free to use my referral code http://fbuy.me/h1nUX and I’ll get a credit. 🙂


I ended up keeping everything. My favorite fit-wise are the leggings from PACT, I kept them on post try-on shoot and totally forgot about them. SO! COMFY! My favorite item aesthetically is the yuma dress from Krochet Kids. It’s totally boho, gorgeous, and an easy transition from school to play.

Between both orders I spent approximately $110. That might seem like quite a bit, but considering that I will be replacing my current leggings and adding three dresses to the arsenal (I’ve been sleeping in my tank, it’s so breathable, it’s insane) I think this is a pretty good deal. It’s also far below the norm. That being said, I am going to do a thrifting trip here shortly in search of some more trendy pieces – more to come on that later this week – as well as pull out some of my eco friendly pieces I had pre-closet cleanse that I want to highlight.


PSA: Check out my video detailing the pieces on my (NEW) YouTube Channel here. It’s my first foray into the YouTube vlog/video thing, so tips would be appreciated! Also keep watch on my Instagram to see how I add these pieces into my wardrobe.

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