First Buy of the year

This come a little late…whoops. But I made my first purchase in January at Nordstrom Rack for two reasons. First, I had things to return, and yes, most of them were tags attached from my closet clean out that I hadn’t worn. Just FYI they had a 90 day return policy, now 45, and they found three items about to expire. So I returned those things. Second, I had a $20 Nordstrom Note.

On their website, Nordstrom talks a bit about their sustainability practices here:

Nordstrom Environmental Sustainability

However, Good on You is not so impressed with their line – How ethical is Nordstrom?

But! A. They are trying (or at least look like they are) and B. They do carry brands that have ethical practices. If you search eco friendly on their site ou are met with their stock of brands like Patagonia, Amour Vert, Alternative, and Threads 4 Thought, among others.

Which brings me to this glorious purchase:

I am obsessed with joggers. They are super comfy, make your butt look nice, and are right on trend with athleisure. The reason I was really into these was how soft they are! It’s like someone made pants out of a cloud. They really are everything.

The brand is Threads 4 Thought and they are typically quite pricey. However, these joggers rang in at $39.

Which is a departure from the typical. Good on You rates them as Good because they use environmentally friendly materials, manufacturers that are certified Fairtrade, and it does not use angora or leather, but sometimes uses wool. *Note: These joggers are not wool, they are

If you are interested in learning more about Threads 4 Thought I have linked their site here.

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