The Cladwell App – A Month in Review

As it is now February 1st, this marks my one month Cladwell-iversary. Time to take a look at how it is going so far.


Outfits logged vs. days in the month: 13/31

This discrepancy is due, primarily, to two factors lack of accountability on my part and time. I’ll be honest, I sometimes forget to click the “Log Outfit” button. My bad. The February goal is to be more diligent about this. I am going to set an alarm on my phone for 7pm to remind me to log my outfit.

Now to the bigger challenge: time. Out of the 13 outfits I logged, 9 were custom outfits. That being said, the majority were suggested outfits that need mini-modifications like boots instead of flats, it’s winter where I live and flats just won’t keep my feet warm, or adding/removing a sweater. However, the reasons for getting the app in the first place were to clean out the closet and help me save time. Although I still believe I am saving a good chunk of time, the tedium of multiple days in a row of having to modify outfits makes me not even want to bother logging them. Leading me back to the issue of being sure to log.

That being said – I think this is one part my personal style and one part app. The outfits that I typically get are pretty basic. When I say “basic” I mean plain tee and jeans, which is not my wheelhouse. OR didn’t use to be. In cleaning my closet I opted in favor of basics, which previously had just taken up space and gathered dust, only to be worn when my more flashy pieces were all dirty and I was avoiding laundry. So (!) I think I need to be more open to a more laid back and basics-driven style AND I also need to look for pieces that are versatile, like basics, but fashion-forward and exciting to me. Also, I have to keep accessories in mind, because they can add just enough punch to an outfit.


  • I definitely am saving time in the morning. Clothing pre-selected paired with my meal prepping has been a serious lifesaver in the “starting the day stress-free” sector of my life.
  • My closet is SO organized and I can see everything all the time. As I referenced about my basics just taking up space in my closet earlier, I am realizing that I had the I totally forgot I had this moment weekly pre-Cladwell. Which is not so great in both my outfit selection process and for my wallet contents.


  • Why have the weather posted if you aren’t using it in your algorithm? At first I thought this was just a fluke when I was given three sundress and flats options when the weather foretasted snow. This has happened more than once, so I know it is not just a blip.
  • Why can’t I plan ahead? This may be just my unfamiliarity with the app, but is there any way of pre-selecting outfits for the week? Flexing that into my Sunday routine would be awesome and then if I didn’t use an outfit, I could just leave it paired together in my real closet for another day. *spoiler alert: I did this when a day had two super cute outfits and wore this outfit as one of my Customs*

Goals for February:

  1. Remember to log my outfits
  2. Be open minded with styling choices

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