Wants List – January

Let me start by saying that lists are my jam. At any given time I have 2 – 10 lists for various tasks written on sticky notes that I have plastered all over my desk. This particular list is the top five articles of clothing that I am dying to put in my closet. All are from companies that have sustainable/eco-friendly practices, which I will add below each pic. *Note: I am not sponsored by any of these companies, but if y’all want to shoot a discount code my way, I won’t hate it! 🙂

PACT – Leggings $30

These leggings are supposedly the comfiest around, according to the internet. Affordable and a closet staple.


  • 92% Organic Cotton
  • 8% Elastane
  • GOTS Certified Made with Organic
  • Fair Trade Cotton

About the Brand:

from the website (PACT Apparel – About) Founder’s Statement – I started Pact with a lofty goal: to create the comfiest clothes in the world without destroying the earth, or harming people. I believe that what we wear, matters. So, I set out to do things better.

I believe there is always room to improve, but I couldn’t be more proud of the clothes we make. By using the best sustainable ingredients, and Fair Trade Certified™ factories, we create clothes that don’t just feel good, you can feel good about wearing them.

EcoVibe Apparel – Wrap Maxi Skirt $58

Maxi skirts are my favorite and I have been looking for a wrap version for a long time. They also have it in black, so I am think black will be more versatile. This is the online store companion to a multi-location brick and mortar based out of Portland, Oregon. Road trip anyone?


  • 100% Rayon

About the Brand

from the website (EcoVibe Apparel – Our Mission) The concepts of Eco Fashion and Sustainable Fashion mean different things to different individuals. Here is what it means to us: We take time and care to consider where and how things are made, who makes them and what they are made out of. We cannot be everything to everyone, but we keep the planet and people in mind in all that we do. We focus on soft fabrics and products that are ethically produced, jewelry and accessories that are locally made from recycled and natural materials, and we donate 1% of all of our sales to 1% For The Planet to ensure that we are always giving back to environmental causes.

Dazey LA – Explore More Tee $48

Explore More Tee

This tee combines two of my favorite things: graphics & mustard yellow. Plus, I can totally wear this to school. Also, if you have not checked out the Dazey LA Instagram account, do yourself a favor, check it out. It is fire.


  • Made in the USA (L.A.)
  • 100% Cotton
  • Hand distressed
  • Hand drawn graphic
  • small business

About the Brand:

from the website (Dazey LA: About Us) Started in 2016 by young designer, photographer, and feminist Danielle Nagel. Dazey in-house brand is a line of graphic art apparel hand drawn and handmade to order in LA. The theme of all the artwork ties back into our mission to empower women. We create the clothing to order in an effort to minimize waste and do our best to make a positive impact on the environment, we like the call this process “Slow Fashion”.

Will’s Vegan Shoes – Chelsea Boots Black $114

These will be a replacement to my current Chelsea boots. They are my most beloved pair of flat boots. However, mine are not so great with the elements a.k.a they look cool, but aren’t functional. The beauties above are both functional and vegan.


  • uppers and linings created with bio oil
  • insoles made with recycled rubber
  • water resistant and breathable
  • ethically made in Portugal under EU health and safety regulations
  • Vegan Society Registered, PETA Approved Vegan

About the Brand 

from the website (Will’s Vegan Shoes – About) Will’s Vegan Shoes is about getting the latest fashions out there at a fair prices, while not hurting animals or people in the process. No matter who you are or where you’re going in life, Will’s Vegan Shoes are there for when you want to Make a Positive Choice.

The entire range is free of animal products while workers protected by European employment and safety law. Will’s Vegan Shoes really is an animal and human friendly company.


Stasher Bags $9.99 – $19.99

I have seen these all over the internet and they also recently appeared on Shark Tank. I use SO many plastic bags. It’s a serious problem. This one is probably the most feasible as far as getting these implemented into my lifestyle soon.

About the Brand

from the website (Stasher Bag – Founder’s Story) As the daughter of a nutritionist and an athlete, Kat Nouri grew up with a healthy upbringing—she obsessively read food labels, and always chose the freshest, healthiest ingredients she could find. When she had children, it became even more important to her to nourish them with pure foods, free from dangerous chemicals and ingredients. Although she was preparing healthy, fresh food for her family, she was storing it in plastic bags and containers—which leached dangerous chemicals and gasses when they were subjected to heat. Knowing that BPA was just one of the hundreds of chemicals that went into plastics. On top of it she never felt good using products that would go to landfills for hundreds of years, destroy the environment, find their way back into our food, water and bodies. This realization shook her to her core—the cycle had to be broken.

She was already designing beautiful, innovative silicone products with her company modern-twist for the past decade, but was frustrated every time she reached for a plastic bag or container. Having the knowledge and the resources, she wanted to produce a healthier alternative to plastic bags and containers that had all the functionality of plastics with the purity of glass. And so stasher—the world’s first self-sealing, non-plastic bag—was born. An everyday household staple that could be the seed to raise awareness, to create a Plastic-free movement. She wanted all families to have access to a better choice. Believing passionately that what you cook and store in should be just as pure as what you eat.

The most exciting thing for Kat was that she conceived the concept, but it was her team that has taken the movement to a whole other level that she only dreamed of. Join us in the plastic-free movement, together we will have impact that could provide future generations with a healthier ecosystem.

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