What even is eco fashion?

I’ve talked a lot about my Cladwell app experience and that is going really well and making my mornings run so smoothly, however, I have been in research mode on sustainable fashion and wanted to shed some light on what it is and why I believe it’s important. Thing one: sustainable fashion isn’t really a term, but it sort of is, I have found that the fashion world refers to this as Eco Fashion and it is a type of sustainable practice in the fashion industry. It also has, like, a zillion components so I’m going to break it all down into layman’s terms according to my current understanding.


Eco fashion, or eco friendly fashion, is all about creating clothing with the environmental impact in mind. By taking it a step further, you also have Ethical Fashion which adds practices that are morally important such as: the health concerns to consumers and animals as well as the wages of the fabricators. This means adopting practices that use less water, have less pollutants that are released into the air and water, using non-chemically based dyes, using natural and organic or recycled fabrics/materials, and implementing fair trade practices. This seems like a lot to think about when you’re just trying to buy a white t-shirt, but luckily (!) eco fashion is coming more and more into the mainstream. We can see this by eco-labelling that let’s us know we are purchasing certified organic cotton and fair trade certified garments.


Most of the clothing we wear today is made from synthetic materials. Take a look at your tags. Do you see nylon, polyester, or viscose? The first two materials are made via petrochemicals which greatly pollutes the environment, PLUS those two materials are not biodegradable so they sit in landfills. Viscose is made from wood pulp which is chalk full of chemicals. Those three materials sound like great things to wrap around my body’s largest organ day in and day out! But don’t be too quick to say, “Ha! My garment is cotton, so it’s better.” Non-organic cotton cant be riddled with pesticides. Just like when we think to eat organic, we should also be thinking to wear organic. Did I mention that our skin is our largest organ?


Here’s the question that comes next: WHY SO EXPENSIVE? The answer is as predictable as the question – quality. Eco friendly garments are better quality and therefore should last longer and retain their quality over time. This creates a little “sustain-i-bubble” where you are doing good by the environment, yourself, and others. The only thing is, we are the proletariat, meaning our money goes toward necessities because there is not a lot of money to go around. What this has illustrated for me is that it will be a process. A long one. As a girl who hates waiting with the fire of a thousand suns, I am not stoked about this, BUT real change takes time and so small changes are how I will need to implement my change. That being said, I;ve got a little caveat…


Thrifting and recycled clothing. With my closet detox, I am planning on getting a Poshmark account set up so that I can kill two bird with one stone: 1. get some money back to build a shopping nest egg and 2. keep garments that are already in circulation where they are instead of in a landfill somewhere. That’s why I personally consider thrift shopping to be a sustainable practice. If there is something, especially something trendy, that I am looking for, the best place is to reuse what is already there. As soon as I get my Poshmark up and running, I’ll do a little review of that as well.


Well, now my prep period is over so I’ll post again probably this weekend. I am creating a short list of clothing items I want to add to my collection and they are so cute! Stay tuned.



Resources I used (because plagiarism is lame):

Ethical Fashion Forum – Organic Eco Fashion

Eco Friendly Fashion.com: What is Eco Friendly?

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