Work Week capsule – one week review

My apologies that this didn’t come on Thursday/Friday like I had recently promised. My bad. But I am here now for the week in review!

Monday I broke out of the app and wore my all black in support of #timesup but I ended up using the app suggestions for Tuesday through Thursday.


Picture one was the suggestion and you can see in picture two how I modified it slightly. This was by far my favorite look of the week. It was an outfit I never would have created for myself, but I loved it.


This outfit was super comfortable, but the suggested (number one) was a little too casual for work. So I switched out the black tank for a tunic blouse and added a cc beanie.


For Thursday I liked both of these outfits so I thought I’d create a hybrid and also add boots because snow was forecasted.

I ended up logging this

Pro: Friday is unofficial school hoodie and jeans day in the education world so I knew that I wasn’t going to be using an app created outfit. However, I still took a look at the suggested outfits for the day and got these beauties:

These were 😍. So I’m going to keep them in he back of my mind for a day with not so great outfits.

Cons: One thing that seems to be more of a decoration than actual function is the weather posted at the top of the closet. If snow is forecasted, I am confused why flats are the app suggestion. 😬 I know not everyone needs to trek from a portable classroom to get copies, lunch, etc. but I am not sure I would even want to walk from a parking lot to a building in flats.

**Be sure to check out my Instagram @that_vegan_teacher to see how I styled the outfits with my real-life closet and accessories!**

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