The Cladwell App: How Does it Work?

After doing a little bit of research – and I seriously mean minuscule – I decided having an extra hand to help me create outfits would be helpful during the “dark months”. The app also tracks how often I wear each piece as long as I remember to upload my outfits each day. I am hoping this feature can help me further empty my closet. But, first thing’s first, how the heck does this app even work?!

From what I have discovered you will want to enter all your current items into your virtual “closet” and then sort them into capsules. This is not super time consuming, as the app has pre-loaded clothing options and requests that you just add something similar to your current closet. However, you can still add photos of what the app may be missing. I ended up about 80/20 pre-load to pics. Some of my adds from the pre-loads do need a bit of imagination to figure out what the app is suggesting. It ended up looking like this:

Looking at this picture now, I am very glad that I completed the PRE-step of clearing out my closet beforehand. I am very sure that the total number of items would be twice as much. πŸ˜‚

The different categories are: tops, jackets/sweaters, pants, dresses, skirts, and shoes. As far as accessories go, for now I am keeping all pieces I currently have. Looking at how many basics are in my wardrobe I am pretty sure they will be necessary. Back to the app though!

Today it gave me three outfit options:

t choose any of them due to the fact that I am still on winter break and therefore I have not really bothered getting dressed. I also know that there is a way to log a self-styled outfit, but have yet to figure out how to do it. I am planning to review and post an updated review in approximately one month.

Love: three outfit options, weather-based selections

Less than Love: honestly, I haven't really gotten into the app yet so I can't really tell you yet

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