First Outfit

Of the three outfits, I chose this combo:

Thing one: note the “custom outfit” in the upper right-hand corner. Of my three options today, all my sweaters were paired with undershirts. By clicking the three dots in the lower right-hand corner I was able to delete the long sleeve white tee it paired this sweater with.

Hypothesis: If I am given outfit combinations that I am not fond of, I can simply delete and add whatever I want to wear that day.

Another thing I need to do is create a new capsule for work week clothing. During winter break, ripped denim works on a Wednesday, but the teacher should probably be wearing something a little more professional. 😅 Luckily, when I cleaned out my closet, I divided my clothing into two sections.

d I have already created my "weekend warrior" capsule. I just need to input my work capsule, which I will kindly do after my break ends. (😭) Then I can create outfits in that capsule only, so I don't end up wearing my graphic tees to work every day.

I also logged this outfit by hitting the "log for today" button. Now when I go to my closet and click on my sweater,

I can swipe left to see the stats on that piece.

In three months, I will review all my pieces and see what things I have/have not worn and with what frequency. How many wears should I have for each piece to keep it? How many wears to recycle? How many wears to upgrade to a sustainable piece? Let me know in the comments!

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