New Year: More Sustainable Me

Today is the first day of 2018. In 2017 I achieved things that, even in the previous year, I would never have thought I wanted, let alone successfully accomplished. Notable thing number one: just before my twenty-sixth birthday I closed on the purchase of my first home, and Notable thing number two: I went vegan. Looking back now I can see two giant accomplishments that were achieved by one powerful woman. Yesterday I wondered what could possibly come next?

Here is where I turned to face the one thing that I love in the hopes of making it healthier: my closet. Fast fashion is a term that is relatively new to me, but for those of you newbs like me out there – it is quickly, cheaply made, and on-trend pieces that are designed to be replaced quickly. These retailers are the people who got me interested in fashion, so thanks for that. But (!) this pattern of a “fashion drive thru” is abhorrent on so many levels, including the price our planet is paying so we can have $1 flip flops.

Therefore, I am cleaning out the closet. Cutting back on the enormous amount of clothing that I own, and only adding or replacing with sustainable brands and moving toward vegan textiles. (Thank god my leather jacket is vegan.) Today marks day one and the closet has been cleaned out. Now to enter my new closet contents into the Cladwell app, which I will be using to monitor how frequently I wear each piece of my clothing to further de-clutter and create a list of what I need to upgrade.

This blog will serve as my weekly check-in as well as be a place for me to compile a list of sustainable and eco-friendly places/brands to shop. If you would like to follow along with how I style check out my instagram account @that_vegan_teacher

My closet: this morning, this afternoon, and this evening. (Yes, it took me all day.)

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